5 reasons Guillermo del Toro should direct a remake of The Neverending Story

  1. The obvious one first: This wonderful novel by Michael Ende deserves it! It deserves a good adaptation for the big screen, and the film from the eighties didn’t do it justice att all. (Not to mention that movie cut out half the book!) The Neverending Story is simply one of the best fantasy novels for young people ever written, and it is quite profound and quite epic – not to mention funny and scary. It needs to be filmed with the possibilities of today’s CGI and with a good director
  2. The creatures! TNS is full of fantastic creatures: dragons, giant slugs, turtles, sphinxes and monsters. Nobody could make them come to life as del Toro could
  3. The child! The story actually resembles Pan’s Labyrinth in a way – it is about the dangers and possibilities of a child’s fantasy, after all.
  4. The darkness! TNS is a very, very dark fantasy, and needs to be treated accordingly (The eighties’ movie was far to childish and bright.) Del Toro would make it scary – or he should.
  5. The epicness of it all. TNS is huge and appocalyptic – the world really ends and is reborn as we watch it happen. It’s Astrid Lindgren meets HP Lovecraft. It’s a match made in heaven for del Toro.

And by the way, could Peter Jackson produce it?


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